For Bursa Malaysia (KLSE) and Singapore Exchange (SGX), we can scrape from i3investor websites. This is how.

This is the formula for KLSE:

=index(ImportXML("", "//td[contains(@class, 'big16')]"), 1, 1)

And this is for SGX:

=index(ImportXML("", "//td[contains(@class, 'big16')]"), 1, 1)

Just remember to replace the stock code with whatever you want, the part right before .jsp.

Gold Prices

You can use this formula to approximate USD per oz:

=GOOGLEFINANCE("GLD", "price")*10/POW(0.996,YEARFRAC(TODAY(), "18/11/2004", 1))

GLD is the ticker for SPDR gold trust ETF, the largest one out there. They charge 0.4% per annum since inception.