Facebook is really low-barrier, low-effort way for me to do occasional brain dumps to a tiny bit of audience. Half of the time, I can get dozens of likes. Another half, just 1-2. I enjoyed having attention, I loved them Likes.

Since last year September, I have installed News Feed Eradicator on my Chrome. I have to admit, the news feed is addicting as hell and it’s not good to me and my ongoing final year project. I was really addicted and would spend hours scrolling through it, especially on autopilot.

After 1 year of not having news feed, I feel a lot more liberated. Although I now spend more time on Reddit, but I find Reddit way more informative and entertaining, much more than people showing off their perfect lives on Facebook.

I kept Facebook mainly for my computer science degree group (important announcements), promote my club events, stay on the tech job groups like WCKL Jobs.

It probably is time to say goodbye to Facebook.

You can still get to me via:

  • Telegram – my favorite!
  • Messenger – you can actually deactivate Facebook without giving this up

After 9 years, I wonder what life without Facebook is like.

P/S: I have also deleted accounts on Instagram, LinkedIn, Tinder and etc.