So I posted a status on my Facebook timeline that has earned me some infamy in my faculty:

A few FYPs are like these:

– On the poster:- I used the latest programming language – AngularJS!

– On another poster:- MySQL: Used to store and manage files and data on server.

– A PHP MySQL website minimum requirements: – > Intel Core i5 4xxx – > 2GB RAM – > 100GB HDD

– A job posting website that can be done in a 24 hours hackathon (I am serious)

– Android app with hardcoded IP address to host computer that runs the web server, the guy has to connect to campus WiFi, change the IP address in his codebase, then build the app and run it on the phone. Repeat the process whenever it’s dropped from campus network.

– Android app with wireless door lock. But the app doesn’t run on the phone, and the screenshots are all shot from PC. No door lock either.

– RFID attendance system, I tapped my card, nothing happens

“Bro your card has no Touch n go that’s why”

“Doesn’t matter the student card is MiFare 4K, same right”

He tapped his card, nothing happened…

Maybe we should actually talk about what the hell FYP is for.

IT/CS, like most other industries, see your portfolio as one of the recruitment criteria. Some people build things, design things, do freelance works while studying in college and university. But most students do nothing.

To solve this problem, final year projects serve as a line of defense, to actually ensure you have something to show to your employers.

People criticised me for posting the status, saying that I am very cocky, lanc just because I exposed how little efforts they have put in to their work, how much incorrect technical information they sprayed on their posters.

Malaysian IT companies are desperate to find developers, yet many graduates can’t get a good job out there, THIS is the reason.

You didn’t take charge to learn things up on your own, you didn’t take charge to make something to show. You wasted 4 years in university, expecting the degree is a magical doorway for you to earn 3.5K per month.

When you heard about all these new web development technologies, Android, iOS, did you do anything about it to learn them up. Maybe do freelance works? Make some pocket money apart from asking for handouts from parents.

How about make an app that helps your fellow coursemates? Gain some respects, inspire some more people to not fall into the same trap of sense of entitlement.

If you have 2 semesters, you really should’ve delivered more than a web app of 5 PHP views.

If you have a prototype, you shouldn’t blame the user right away because your shit didn’t work right away. Instead take time to find out what’s wrong? Not saying my card is faulty?

If you have Internet, you just need to Google what Angular.js and MySQL are. They are not programming language and file management system. They are freaking web framework and database system.

Students these days just don’t take charge anymore.

They presume FCI doesn’t care, well they do, you just need to communicate with them more, we have pretty nice people in charge of the faculty. You just need to tell them.

When the aircond is not cold, maybe you shouldn’t have whined in the academic evaluation system, and actually tell FMD? They fixed IT Society’s office air conditioning on Day 3. After so many years.

tl;dr: Students need to take charge, put in effort, and stop whining like a lil bitch.